Tavern Signs

starting at $150 and up


Tavern-style signs

Tavern Signs of the 19th century have been made at our shops since 1969. Sizes vary from 14-24” w. Height is determined by the content of the lettering and bas-relief carving. Complete installations and custom metal brackets also available.

We offer three sizes:

  • Small tavern signs are perfect for the campground.
  • Medium tavern signs are excellent for a post and bracket on your home or beside your front door.
  • Large tavern signs are typically reserved for our commercial clients but could make a great statement piece for your home.

*Lengths vary and are approximate.


Have questions about our tavern-style signs?


  1. Visit us at our working studio or check out the gallery above for inspiration.
  2. Fill out the contact form with your project details, including a link to any photo inspirations.
  3. Meet with (or talk to) our carver to confirm design & pricing.
  4. A deposit is due upon confirmation.
  5. Production time for custom signs range from 3 – 5 weeks, depending on size.

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